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happy holidays to all from the crew at ruth's

“Moscow Ballet… a commitment to love and peace” CNN News

Thanks to everyone involved for making our performance a success 

Thursday, Dec 6th at 7:00pm at DeYor Performing Arts Center

An Amazing Holiday Extravaganza.

Ruth's Dance and Fitness Co. LLC was chosen as the host studio for

The Moscow Ballet's "The Great Russian Nutcracker".

The performance took place on Thursday, Dec 6th at DeYor Performing Arts Center. Thirty-Eight students from Ruth's Dance and Fitness Co. LLC and several other kids from the surrounding area, were chosen by Yuriy Kuzo's, the Audition Director from the Moscow Ballet, to perform.

"The Dance with Us" program gives students a rare opportunity to dance on stage with The Moscow Ballet.

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Registration for Dance Lessons

 through November 1st, 2018

Body Strengthening & Step Aerobics

 Body Strengthening  for 45 minutes three days a week. Non-Intimidating workouts to build lean muscles and a strong core. Step Aerobics burns fat and Core Strength/ Barre firms up the core (abs), legs and gluts. Three days a week on a month to month basis.

Body Strengthening & Step Aerobics is $45.00 per month and Body Strengthening alone is $35.00 per month.

Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Pay month to month, no contract . Cash, checks and all major credit cards accepted.

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