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All dance classes will be held at the 721 Building, located at 721 Boardman-Poland Rd., Boardman, OH.
The Fall Schedule starts the 2nd week of September each year and runs through the 4th week of June.
The Entire schedule runs in four week sessions, excluding the month of December, which is a 3 week session.

Attendance Policy:
Ruth's Dance & Fitness Co.,LLC centers on the development of strong dancers through teaching the principles of Ballet, Modern Dance and Jazz techniques. To ensure a highly successful program, there is an inherent need to have constant attendance by the students. If a student misses more than 5 classes during the year, a doctor's note will need to be presented, furthermore, if a student habitually misses class, he/she will be omitted from the recital. Teamwork is essential throughout the year and performances will reflect the commitment level of the students working together. If there is a need to miss a lesson (family emergency, illness), please call the studio to report off at 330-782-6785.
Missed Lessons/Make-up Lessons:
Missed lessons due to poor weather conditions may be credited to your monthly payment. However, if classes are missed for illness or extenuating circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to receive a group make-up session. All monthly payments will remain the same amount for lessons missed when students fail to come to class.
Cancelled Lessons:
There may be a time when lessons will be cancelled by the instructor due to weather, instructor illness or
travel. Cancellations due to weather will be reported on local news stations under the name of Ruth's Dance & Fitness Co.,LLC . Also, if you call the studio, there will be an appropriate message on the machine. When classes are cancelled by the studio, a class may be made up or credited for the month. If a lesson has to be canceled for any other reason, it will be announced in class in advance, or we will call the students' homes.
Monthly Payments:
All payments must be turned in the first week of the month. Please follow the payment calendar that is handed to you at registration. Any payment past 30 days will include a $10.00 late fee for that month. Due to building rental, payroll, utilities, etc., the studio cannot have an interruption in cash flow.
The order for costumes is paid up front by the studio. In order to guarantee your costume comes in on time a 40% down payment must be paid by mid March. A payment plan will be set up for you for the remaining balance. All costume payments must be paid in full two weeks before recital date or students will not be permitted to perform in the annual recital.

Cost for Lessons:
1st Dance Class                  $52.00 per month
2nd Dance Class (+$20) $72.00 per month
3rd Dance Class (+ $20) $92.00 per month
4th Dance Class (+20) $122.00 per month

For those students taking multiple dance classes, the first class is $13.00 with each subsequent class at $5.00. All classes are paid monthly and are PREPAID during the first week of each 4 week session. This policy will be strictly enforced to alleviate poor attendance (Four week month = $40.00). See above.

Performance Opportunities:

All Dance students will be expected to perform in the annual spring recital. Depending on the class, there may be optional performance opportunities through local competitions, fairs, or demonstrations at Assisted living facilities. Check with your instructor for more details.

What to Wear to Class:
Leotards and tights are the only acceptable forms of clothing for class. This is necessary so that the
instructors will be able to check body alignment and proper execution of movements. T-shirts, jeans and school clothes are not acceptable for class. Please, if you are arriving from school or work, bring the necessary clothes to change into for your lesson. Proper shoes are required at all times – Ballet or Jazz shoes for respective classes. You can find the items you need at any dance supply store, catalog or local retail outlet.




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